About VENDORCafe

We are Excited!


Latter & Blum is rolling out a new Vendor Portal and Vendor Compliance Program provided by Yardi VENDORCafe and Vendor Shield . These tools will expedite the Vendor approval and payment process and streamline administration efforts. All tax, insurance and other compliance paperwork will be easily accessible in a single location!

Why Should you Register?


This new registration process benefits YOU. It makes the insurance compliance process completely paperless for you.  Vendor Shield will be tracking your insurance coverage and contacting your insurance provider to maintain current insurance records. Also, once you are on the list of approved vendors you will have increased exposure to other ongoing and future projects for Latter & Blum Property Management.

Continued Improvements!


Latter & Blum is already working on improvements for paperless invoice submission and electronic payments! Vendors will be able submit invoices for payment through VENDORCafe, have access to review invoice status and provide electronic payment information. No more stamps, envelopes, paper or having to wait for the mail!